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Energizing The Future

Who We Are

Invincible Energies is a Ugandan fully integrated energy company with focus ranging from fossil to renewable sectors.

We partner strategically to provide exclusive, in-depth focus on the Energy industry which enables us to deliver the full breadth of bespoke solutions and services to meet all our clients’ commercial objectives.

[We have considerable experience in procurement, logistics and supply, with experience in equipment leasing, material procurement, consultancy services and product supplies].

Our vision

To lead the developing world’s Energy Transition agenda as an international organisation offering world-class, value-added products and services to the energy industry [with focus on the Oil & Gas subsector].

In a constantly evolving Energy industry, we engage the best people today to meet the energy challenges of tomorrow. 

What sets us apart is our persistence, knowledge, and ambition to deliver exceptional service.  And our collaborative approach to working with our clients, and contractors means we have a community of experts who deliver in-depth solutions.

Our mission

Our global mission is to develop a first-class engineering service centre, specializing in onshore and offshore logistics, quality assurance/quality checking, crude oil trading and procurement. Priority is dedicated to the development of the Ugandan oil and gas industry and then, to the sub-regional industry, with a view to enhance the development of local skills and expertise within the local and regional energy sectors.

Our Commitment

Quality assurance is fundamental to all our projects and services and is guaranteed by all personnel assigned to the project. We ensure that our client’s quality requirements are fully recognised and interrelated with our projects quality management system.

Environment Social & Governance (ESG)

In all our operations, we strive to maximize log-term value through by minimization of the ESG risk through sustainable investment in clean energy technologies, stakeholder engagement enhancement programs and ensuring strict adherence to world-class governance compliance practices.